Brewed coffee recipe: less mess "French press"

Writing good content requires good coffee. And good coffee requires good beans. But how will you taste all the good coffee bean oils if you filter them out with paper? French press brewing keeps the oils and makes great-tasting coffee, but it's messy to clean up afterwards. This easy method gives you the same taste with less fuss.

Total prep time: 7 minutes

Makes: 1 cup


You need

Finum brew basket or similar

Good burr grinder for a consistent grind: ideally a Lido or Knock; otherwise a Hario, Porlex, or similar

Kitchen paper


A small mug

Good coffee beans (or at least passable ones, like those I used here)

Filtered water



Put fresh water in the kettle and start to heat it. While the water heats, grind around 20g of beans to a coarse consistency. (About 12 clicks from zero on a Hario Mini; maybe 3 full turns on a Knock.)


Pour the boiled water into your mug, and allow it to cool to around 95°C (203°F). While the water cools, put the ground coffee into the brew basket.



Slowly, immerse the brew basket in the water.



Give the grounds a stir so they are fully immersed. Wait around 10 seconds, then stir again.


Put the lid on the brew basket, and leave it for around 3-4 minutes.



Take the lid off the brew basket, and place it upside down on the counter.Put a folded piece of kitchen paper into the brew basket lid.



Slowly take the brew basket out of the mug, and let it drip over the mug for a few seconds.


Put the brew basket to drain on the kitchen paper on the upturned lid.


Enjoy your coffee. To clean up, just knock the (by now dryer) grounds into the rubbish bin, and then give the brewing basket a rinse. Better than unscrewing and washing all those bits of French press!