Take notes as online help for your creative future self

What do you do with your new ideas? The connections and sparks that pop to mind when you’re in the shower; in a presentation; on a bus. In these settings I’ve had all sorts of ideas, from thoughts on the past and future of content management (which I still draw on from time to time),… Continue reading Take notes as online help for your creative future self

You’ve been had. The passive voice was never bad.

"Avoid it", the style guides write, "unless you really know what you are doing". The implication is you don't. With examples like "a book is bought by me", they show the passive voice's clumsy wordiness. It requires "more cognitive effort", points out one guide, though so to be honest does the very next sentence, "this… Continue reading You’ve been had. The passive voice was never bad.

Minor Semantics

Microsoft Word now puts its wiggly line under two spaces in a row. A lot of people are happy, and I'm happy that they're happy, because maybe "semantic authoring" in a small sense is taking root. Microsoft Word wags its finger at two-spacers. Image from: https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/24/21234170/microsoft-word-two-spaces-period-error-correction-great-space-debate The period-space signifies the end of an idea and… Continue reading Minor Semantics